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Project Pricing

The cost of web site design and implementation or custom feature and service development can vary widely.

WebCodeFusion gives honest assessments and the most important is:

Before you even start you need to be realistic about your project's budget. If you want to pay amateur rates, hire an amateur or get a do-it-yourself program and hope for the best. This approach may serve you well or may exceed your budget in the long run because you may find you'll need to have your project professionally rehabilitated at some point.

Be honest with yourself. If you want a professional job, prepare to pay professional rates. If you will be satisfied with an amateurish job, well, caveat emptor and good luck! WebCodeFusion will be here when you need us.

The best way to stay within your budget is to plan for every detail of what your project will encompass. To do this you need to know what the expenses are or can be.

WebCodeFusion works closely with you to determine your content requirements, your time horizon, your revenue goals, your marketing strategies, your audience demographics, and your interface design, browser and platform issues for your website.

From those consultations WebCodeFusion will provide a cost breakdown for the implementation of the project and present a formal bid for the client's approval. WebCodeFusion does not charge for these initial consultations.

Upon acceptance of the bid by the client, WebCodeFusion will deliver the project over 3 phases:

Phase I - Project Initiation

25% deposit of the estimated total for the project to begin work.

Phase II - Prototype Acceptance

25% of the estimated total for the project due upon client acceptance of a working prototype.

Phase III - Implementation

Remaining balance due when the project gets final client approval and is placed into production mode.

WebCodeFusion works with its client's on a contractual basis. WebCodeFusion project pricing is either on a flat rate basis or an hourly basis or in some cases a combination of a flat rate for some portions and an hourly rate for others. WebCodeFusion will work with you to determine which will be the best fit for your project.

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